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Rock Stickers

Rock Stickers

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  • 70 Stickers to a sheet.
  • 5 different sticker designs.
  • Made in the UK. 
  • Water-based adhesive means no nasty chemicals are used.

Sticker sheets are a great way to quickly reward children for their hard work and achievements. Our Times Tables Rock Stars sticker sheets are made locally... so local we can head up the road for a chat and see exactly how the stickers are made. In fact, we can even share with you how they are made:

  1. The label templates are pre-manufactured and ordered in from a UK based company that has a great carbon capture programme, and are a partner of the Woodlands Trust.
  2. Once in the hands of the printer, the label templates are processed through an industry-leading printer that prints two sheets worth of stickers on the A3 template, whizzing through each print in a matter of seconds. 
  3. The finished printout is then guillotined straight down the middle turning the A3 sheet into two sheets of A4 stickers. 
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